Welcome to the Cloud Time & Attendance

The Most Cost Effective and Innovative Time and Attendance System. Ever.

How It Works

It's Simple for Employees to Use and Managers to Maintain....

Step 1

Employees punch in or out from a Cloud time clock and/or website or phone.

Step 2

Managers login to website to view hours, run reports, make changes and manage system.

Step 3

All data is available to export to your payroll company or to run internal payroll.

Built for Small Business:

Unlike a traditional time clock that is tethered to a computer and client based software, Ontime Cloud uses cloud computing to allow business owners the flexibility of doing time and attendance anywhere and any time. Additionally, the system allows extreme flexibility, letting employees “punch” in and out from a time clock, web-browser, or phone. Unlike other systems, all the punch data, no matter what the source, is aggregated online for easy editing and reconciliation. There is no need to network together different solutions for different employee types and access a single client based computer for time and attendance.


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